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DWA Reptiles

DWA = Dangerous Wild Animals


You must hold a DWA license to keep any of these reptiles on the list.



Licences are required for any animal listed on a schedule under the law. These licences will only be granted when the authority is satisfied that it would not be contrary to public interest on the grounds of safety or nuisance and that the animal's accommodation is adequate and secure.


Where the local authority grant a licence it shall impose conditions on the licence covering issues such as:




The Act does not apply to animals kept in zoos; circuses; pet shops; or registered scientific establishments.

Prarie Rattlesnake
Saw Scaled Vipers

Coral Cobra
Adult Female Broadband Copperhead
Banded Cobras
Fat Tailed Scorpions (Several Species)
Death Stalker Scorpion
Brazilian Wandering Spider



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